3D Printed Oakland Crane Earrings

3D Printed Oakland Crane Earrings

$ 16.00

This Shipping Crane necklace features a three-dimensional rendition of the iconic cranes that line the Port of Oakland (and other ports around the world). Did you know that the Port of Oakland's cranes were the inspiration behind the imperial walkers in George Lucas's Star Wars movies?

Made of 3D-printed nylon plastic this necklace pendant is lightweight, strong, and flexible. The earrings come on hypoallergenic stainless steel ear hooks.


Approximately 1"H x 1.1"W


More about 3D printing:

A breakthrough of 3D printing is that it enables one to design objects that would be unreasonable to manufacture with any other process. The designer's vision here is to take full advantage of this design freedom to create fun and exciting new products.

The designers use a 3D printing process called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and design their products using advanced 3D modeling software which is then sent to the 3D printer. The printer begins with a bed of powdered material; lasers then sinter the material into the shape of the design, layer by layer.