Port Crane Model Kit

$ 50.00

The Container Crane is the reliable workhorse of International shipping ports. Manned by Crane operators, these hard-working structures transfer cargo from ship to rail and truck. Ports around the world use this design of crane, it is different from the Oakland Crane because the Gantry is straight, and not hinged... 
Standing like guardians along the shoreline, the cranes work in tandem- each moving up to 40 containers per hour! A full ship carries up to 7,000 containers.

  • This 1"=50' scale model is made from lasercut birch plywood.
  • Measures about 16" long, and 12" high.

This is the same scale as the Oakland Crane, and uses some of the same parts, the main difference is the Gantry and cables. The model comes as a kit (one crane), flat packed, and is easily assembled with the instructions and some white craft glue.

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