Wood Oakland Crane Model

$ 50.00

Port of Oakland cranes, some of them over 240' tall, handle 2.3 million shipping containers every year. Legend holds that Oakland's cranes inspired the Imperial Walkers in the Star Wars movies. The Oakland seaport is the fifth busiest in the United States.

The crane design was drawn from engineering drawings and photographs, and then simplified into this format. All the parts on the model are fixed and non-moving. The structure has notched joints, and requires a few drops of glue. It comes with graphic instructions to assemble in 4 simple steps.

This is a scale 1" =150' model kit of a Port of Oakland Container Crane made from Lasercut Birch plywood. There is one Crane per kit.

Dimensions (assembled):
14" long, 3" wide, 10" high                                                                                                                        

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