Open, Sesame!

Summer in San Francisco

Join us for a very special ‘Summer in San Francisco’ tasting at Local Take Castro! Mojo Bakes will be serving up their delectable varieties of black sesame shortbread, vegan brittle and toffee. There will be gluten-free shortbread options too, so there will be something for everyone!

In celebration of ‘Summer in San Francisco’ aka ‘Indian Summer’ aka ‘Finally!’, we’ll be serving up yummy scoops of ice cream to complement your brittle.

Castro Art Walk
Thursday, October 4

Hey honey

You’ve been asking for it for years and we’ve finally found the most delicious uber-local honey! The bees that produce this honey make their home on the rooftop of Beck’s Motor Lodge… just down the street from Local Take Castro. Stock is dependent on the mood of the bees, so get yours while they're happy!


Little Drops of Sun
For November's art walk we will be hosting Tawny from Sundrop Jewelry. Grab yourself a little piece of sunshine with her sun-melted glass jewelry. Stay tuned for more info and mark your calendar for Thursday, November 1.

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