Neighborhood Prints - 16x20 Metal

$ 150.00

San Franciscans have immense pride in their city, and often define themselves by the neighborhood they live in. There are over 90 large neighborhoods in San Francisco alone and each neighborhood has a unique identity.  In these prints, the essence of each San Francisco neighborhood is captured by a different animal. The designers, The GRQP, used research, detective work and chatting up the locals to determine the best animal for each 'hood.

Printed on a coated aluminum sheet using dye sublimation, creating a luminescent, vibrant effect. The high-gloss, ultra-hard, scratch resistant surface is weatherproof and waterproof. Metal print features rounded corners.

Comes pre-installed with an inset float mount frame with a nail groove. Mounting hardware cannot be seen from the front of the print and gives the effect of your metal print floating ½” off the wall. 

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