Local Artists are Essential

Supporting Local Artists

What a crazy couple of weeks! Our lives have changed in ways we never could have predicted, from going to the grocery store (we will never take TP for granted ever again) to hanging out with friends (are we the only ones who had never heard of Zoom before this??)

But we are adapting. We've been able to really build up our online store, adding new products every day, we're learning how to make Instagram stories and figuring out new ways to get our message out there.

It's been a real struggle not having the human connection daily with our customers, artists and neighbors. With another month of SIP, we're really worried about the effect this is having on all the local artists and designers we support. Their life's work is dependent on stores like Local Take being able to sell their goods. The picture above shows just a few of the lovely artists that sell at Local Take.

L-R Top : Studio for Metropolitan Art, Julia Szendrei, Michael's Chocolates, Amy Rose Moore
L-R Middle : Nidhi Chanani, Animal Instincts, Eko Jewelry, Jennifer Clifford
L-R Bottom : Decadent Minis, Coffee N Cream Press, Bernal Burrow, New Skool

Thank you to everyone who has placed an online order in the last two weeks, and thank you to those that are keeping us in mind for future purchases. You have no idea how much it is appreciated!

Buying Gifts is Essential

Birthdays, anniversaries and new babies being born don't stop, even for a pandemic. If you're looking for something special for someone special in your life, keep us in mind (yes, that means for you too!) 

Maybe a gift certificate is all you need right now and that's ok too.

Personal Shopping

Are you looking for a gift but not sure what it is? We like online shopping as much as the next person but if you're yearning for a browse and some inspirational shopping, we are setting up one-on-one personal shopping experiences for all our customers. We will be scheduling individual appointments from now until May 1.

We'll be following all health and distance guidelines to protect ourselves and you.


Thank you for all the support!
-The Local Take team

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