Wait, it's August!?

Still Weird, but We're Adjusting

For how much has happened in the last 5 months, it sure doesn't seem like a lot has happened. As we look over the time, we realized that we we forgot to wish our Castro store a happy 7th birthday!! Come wish us a happy birthday anytime Wed thru Sun 12-6p :)

So many of our regular, long-time customers have wandered in since we reopened last month to find out how we are doing so here's a quick update. Things are still very weird but we're adjusting to our new normal. Our sales have significantly decreased with the loss of tourist traffic and with the locals fleeing the city; but we're taking this opportunity to refresh our inventory, offer limited edition artist made goods, add new stuff to our website almost everyday and continue to pivot to find our success.

Our landlord has been phenomenal, and has proven with his actions that he wants us to survive through this ordeal. Without the ginormous break in rent he offered us, we'd be long gone. We couldn't be more thankful to him.

Of course nobody knows the future but we're gonna keep plugging along for as long as you'll have us!

If there's anything you need, please try to think of local first. There are so many amazing stores out there and they all need your support.

TL:DR recap - Things are still weird, we're ok, great landlord, buy local.

Buy Local (Take)

Tiger King studs

Joe, Carole, the tigers... The Tiger King part of SIP seems like a long time ago doesn't it? These studs will bring back the memories of those lovable and scary rednecks, and they pair well with a face mask. 

Shop studs

Embroider a Flower

You've completed all the puzzles. You've baked all the bread. You've watched all the Netflix. Now is the time to try your hand at embroidery.

Try our wildly popular embroidery kits by Rosanna Diggs. Each design has its 'roots' in nature and are deeply influenced by Rosanna's many outdoor adventures. 

Each kit includes everything you need (except the scissors) to complete your own embroidery piece. All designs in stock, including two new ones - Gerbera Daisy and Sunny Sunflower.

Shop Embroidery Kits
Thank you so much for your continued support!
Both stores are open 12-6 Wednesday thru Sunday.
-The Local Take team

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